The UP side of OPtimism

“the natural optimism of the human mind is one of our greatest gifts…with so many seemingly insurmountable barriers in life, nature provided us with the means to create an unrealistically rosy attitude about overcoming them – which helps us to do precisely that.”


Optimism is often put down – take all the creative geniuses that have lived, most of them were depressed, melancholics right? “Happy people are stupid – or irritating -“. Recently there has been an influx of videos and articles telling me it is OKAY to feel down and sad and depressed – that we don’t have to feel guilty for not feeling upbeat. Sure, true enough. And there are benefits that rise from feeling a bit down sometimes too.

Yet, in accepting such a view, one shouldn’t do oneself the disservice of ignoring the immense value of being positive and optimistic. There are numerous benefits that arise from being optimistic  – from heightened creativity, to seeing more opportunity, to working harder. It is perhaps pertinent to note here that there is a subtle yet important difference between being optimistic and being happy and one needn’t imply the other. Optimism is a general sense of looking at the positive side of things in spite of the low feelings one may be feeling.

Yes, it is OKAY to be down and miserable – these are natural feelings. Yet at the same time, if we see optimism as a tool to enhance ourselves and not as something we should feel guilty about not feeling, we may be able to use it more to our advantage. And that’s exactly how we should view optimism – as a brain/life hack and nothing more. If we can manage it (its also AYOKAY to fake-it-till-you-make-it too), cool, if not, hey there’s many more hacks out there to try.




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