'Whale's Eye' was inspired by a podcast made by Radiolab. During the podcast a story is told about a whale that is trapped in a fishing net and is desperately struggling to set itself free. A group of divers goes down and eventually are able to free it.

This is a moving story as is, but then something even more remarkable happens. After the whale is freed and it swims away, it swims backs to the divers. It then resurfaces and with one giant eye looks directly at one of the divers who is still in the water.

The diver recalls the surreal nature of the experience; how it felt like the whale was looking right into him and 'saying thank you'. The whale proceeded to do the same to all the other divers in the water.

Listening to that story and imagining the whale looking at those men made me think, what was that whale thinking? We humans have the tendency to consider all other animals (besides ourselves) to be quite dumb, but what if we're wrong. What if we are wrong about a lot of things.
The intention of this blog is to try to get clear about, and understand, as much as we can get clear about and understand, by offering a different perspective on things, a view from a different eye.
Any suggested ideas are MOST welcome - for we all have a different perspective - and thus all have something to add.


Whale's Eye

- a different perspective -

Photo credit: recompose via VisualHunt.com / CC BY-NC-ND